Peninsula Electronics, an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) company, located in Bangalore, India, caters to discerning customers for their requirements in the areas of Prototyping, Small and medium volume production.

Peninsula offers the unique proposition of a project driven approach to meet the precise requirements of the customer, by deploying a properly chosen mix of skills, for volumes that will be considered small by normal standards.
Our Quality Policy
 To be a leading player in the low volume high mix domain by delivering quality products and services to Aviation, Space, Defense and Allied sectors.
 To constantly focus upon Customer centered thinking, Continual improvement, and Personnel willing to learn and take ownership for activities undertaken.
 To build trust, confidence and appreciation of our customers by understanding their requirements, agreeing on a realistic solution, and honoring all commitments made.

About Us

Company Why Peninsula? Clients Associate Certificates

Peninsula Electronics was established in 1993, by V. Veeraraghavan, V.K Harindran, and Vinay L Deshpande, technocrats of repute.

The company is engaged in contract manufacturing and engineering of electronic assemblies, specializing in highly complex boards and products. The company is managed by a management team, each one of them having about three decades of industry experience.

Peninsula Electronics offers a range of EMS services namely, Production of SMT/TH/Mixed technology Boards including micro BGAs, Enclosures, Box Build, Engineering design support, PCB design services of schematics and cadding, Materials Procurement and Testing including Environmental testing.

Peninsula Electronics has both EOU (Export Oriented Unit) and DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) units. Both the units are located in NGEF ancillary industrial estate, Graphite India road.

EOU Features

The company’s EOU is registered as an EHTP unit (Electronic Hardware Technology Park) under the EOU scheme of the Government of India. The advantages offered by the EHTP unit are
 Raw material imported for export orders do not attract customs duty, when Finished goods
      are directly exported from facility.
 Deemed exports to another EOU/EHTP is also possible with exactly the same advantages
      as for physical exports.
 Restricted provision exists for sending boards for testing to development houses or other
      agencies on returnable basis.
 Sale to another domestic unit is by paying duties on the finished product.
     (Conditions apply when customer consigns material free of cost).

ISO Certificate
 The workmanship is superior as compared to any other EMS vendors of our nature.

 Stringent quality commitment. We average around 60 PPM on defects after the inspection.

 The time spent by our customer’s engineers in identifying assembly related issues is very low, thereby increasing
     our customer’s productivity and savings in time and cost.

 First pass yield consistent with 60 PPM. For repeat runs of volume production of small boards it is over 98%.

 Leaders in handling technical complexities

 Very high reliability in manual soldering for prototypes.

 Superior support till the end of product testing and support till TTM.

 Warranty for manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year with free rework support.

 Feedback after the first lot of assembly on any modifications of pad geometry to achieve high
    manufacturing yield.

 Working along with engineers, understand the high demand of dynamic changes required and support the same.

 Serving our customers with passion.
At Peninsula Electronics, we have a firm belief in building long-term relationships. Over the years, We have built a strong management team with a wide range of skills, catering to the customer requirements in all stages of Product life cycle. Given below is a list of our key customers.

 Bharat Electronics Ltd.
 Charmed labs,USA
 Amp Control,Australia
 Processor Systems
 iWave Systems
 Mistral Solutions
 L&T Technology Services
 Larsen and Toubro
 Tata Elxsi
If there are any design releated requirements then we assosiate with Processor Systems which is our group company.


Assembly & Box Build Supply Chain Management Design Support Quality

 Preparation Of Schematics using ORCAD capture tool
 PCB design and Cadding, incorporating DFM guidelines, using Cadence Allegro version 15.7 & version 16.0
 Mechanical enclosure design with Pro Engineer
 Close working relationship with PCB & Prototype Box vendors
 Technical Support in finalizing BoM, looking at Availability, Costs, Alternates
 Participation in Testing & debugging of boards, including help in identifying design problems, if any.
     Verification of Manufacturer part number
     Alternate suggestions in cases of Cost or Availability issues
     Procurement of Electronic / Mechanical / Plastic moulded items
     Specialized for low and medium volumes
        Access to all online vendors for electronic items (Digikey / Mouser / Newark / Element14 / Farnell)
        Distributors and Manufacturer Representatives (Future / Arrow / Avnet)
        Close working relationship with PCB vendors for both Proto and Volume (India / China)
        Qualified general Traders in UK & USA for difficult to source / Obsolete components
        Close working relationship with qualified local Manufacturers (Crystals, Discretes).
     Regular review of Materials Status to ensure near simultaneous availability of 100% of the items.
     Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Stock reports of Customer supplied items
     Exemption from duties and Taxes for imports meant for Exports.
     Logistics support for fast customs clearance of imports & Exports
     Monitoring export shipment transit status till delivery is made to Customer
     Regular communication with Customer on Status, Issues and possible solutions, delivery time etc.
 PCB Assembly / Cable Assembly / Integration / Testing / Hot burn
 PCB Assembly
        PCBAs with BGA, SMT, TH, Mixed Technology
        Press Fit Connector assembly
        Conforming to IPC-610 Class 2 for normal requirements
        Conforming to IPC-610 Class 3 for defense & aerospace requirements
              Typical volumes: 1-25
              Selection of Manual with spot reflow / Full Reflow / Machine Assembly depending upon board
                 complexity and machine load-ability of components
        Pilot Production
              Typical Volumes: 10-100
              Important to follow the Process choice for volume Production
        Volume Production
              Typical Volumes: 100-100000
              Process: Machine Assembly &/or Wave Soldering, with limited manual operations
 Cable Assembly
        Proto volumes done in house
        Bulk Volumes outsourced
        Box build using In house Manufactured &/or Customer supplied subassemblies.
        Warehousing and On demand delivery option.
        Functional Testing of PCBAs, Subassemblies, Units
        Environmental stress testing; Humidity and Teperature cycling -40oC to +100oC
        Outsourced:Testing for ICT / FPT / EMI / Other environmental tests.
 ISO 9001 cerified
 Customer Oriented Culture
 Quality Levels
        We commit 250 PPM for any board produced by us.
        Any design related manufacturing issue will be identified and risk communicated to Customer.
        In practice, we achieve 50-100 PPM or less for boards without manufacturing issues.
        Production runs characterized by repeat runs at frequent intervals, 50- 60 PPM achieved.
        If functional testing is done by us, 100% defect free boards will be supplied.


Machinery Facility Process Flow Quality Plan

 Screen Printer    Pick & Place   Reflow 
 DEK249   Mydata - MY9   Yamaha - YS12   SMR400 
 PCB Dimension (in mm)   450 X 450   384 X 508   385 X 480   457 X 610 
 CPH  -  14400 (rated)   30000 (rated)  -
 Component size (Min.)  -   0201
   Capability exists for 01005  
 01005  -
 Component size (Max.)  -  56mm X 56mm   Within 8 mm tape  -
 PCB Finish   ENIG, HAL, Ag, Leadfree HAL & NTEK 
 Process   Leaded & Lead free 
 BGA  -  Yes   NO  -
 LGA  -  Yes   NO  -
 PLCC / QFN  -  Yes   NO  -
 Component Height (in mm)  -  15   15  -
 Standard solder types used   Type 3 & Type 5 
 Odd Size component   1 or 2 varieties can be handled 

 Screen Printer    Pick & Place   Reflow 
 DEK249   Mydata - MY9   SMR400 
 PCB Dimension (in mm)   450 X 450   384 X 508   457 X 610 
 CPH  -  14400 (rated)  -
 Component size (Min.)  -   0201
   Capability exists for 01005  
 Component size (Max.)  -  56mm X 56mm  -
 PCB Finish   ENIG, HAL, Ag, Leadfree HAL & NTEK 
 Process   Leaded & Lead free 
 BGA  -  Yes  -
 LGA  -  Yes  -
 PLCC / QFN  -  Yes  -
 Component Height (in mm)  -  15  -
 Standard solder types used   Type 3 & Type 5 
 Odd Size component   1 or 2 varieties can be handled 

Machine Assembly
      State of the art flexible manufacturing facility
      Major Machinery specifications provided in Machinery Section
      Cyber Optics Laser section Microscope for solder paste measurement

Wave Soldering
      EPS SWSM300D, 12” (RoHS/Pb-free)
      Semi automatic, axial lead forming machine
      Manual stuffing line

Manual Assembly / Press Fit
      Point Ezee software for manual assembly (Internally developed software)
      Weller and Hakko soldering stations (non-RoHS)
      OKI soldering stations (RoHS)
      Press Fit assembly

      Air-VAC rework station suitable for BGA removal, attachment
      Seirra SRT rework station
      BGA ball replacements

      Visual Inspection assisted by Scan to Inspect Software (Internally developed software)
      RTX-113 X Ray inspection system
      Zoom microscopes (*45)
      Magnifying glasses (*4)

Test Equipments
      Custom Test Jigs
      PC as Test Platform
      Bench Power Supply
      Enviroinmental Testing Chamber


Contact Us

For your enquiries contact us at:

V-2-C NGEF Ancillary Industrial Estate
Graphite India Road
Ph.: (91-80) 4265 3127
Fax: (91-80) 4265 3157

C-60 NGEF Ancillary Industrial Estate
Graphite India Road
Ph.: (91-80) 4123 0181
Fax: (91-80) 4265 3157
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