• ISO 9001 cerified
  • Customer Oriented Culture
  • Quality Levels
    • We commit 250 PPM for any board produced by us.
    • Any design related manufacturing issue will be identified and risk communicated to Customer.
    • In practice, we achieve 50-100 PPM or less for boards without manufacturing issues.
    • Production runs characterized by repeat runs at frequent intervals, 50- 60 PPM achieved.
    • If functional testing is done by us, 100% defect free boards will be supplied.

    Design Support

    • Preparation Of Schematics using ORCAD capture tool
    • PCB design and Cadding, incorporating DFM guidelines, using Cadence Allegro version 15.7 & version 16.0
    • Mechanical enclosure design with Pro Engineer
    • Close working relationship with PCB & Prototype Box vendors
    • Technical Support in finalizing BoM, looking at Availability, Costs, Alternates
    • Participation in Testing & debugging of boards, including help in identifying design problems, if any.

    Supply Chain Management

  • Verification of Manufacturer part number
  • Alternate suggestions in cases of Cost or Availability issues
  • Procurement of Electronic / Mechanical / Plastic moulded items
  • Specialized for low and medium volumes

    • Access to all online vendors for electronic items (Digikey / Mouser / Newark / Element14 / Farnell)
    • Distributors and Manufacturer Representatives (Future / Arrow / Avnet)
    • Close working relationship with PCB vendors for both Proto and Volume (India / China)
    • Qualified general Traders in UK & USA for difficult to source / Obsolete components
    • Close working relationship with qualified local Manufacturers (Crystals, Discretes).
  • Regular review of Materials Status to ensure near simultaneous availability of 100% of the items.
  • Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Stock reports of Customer supplied items
  • Exemption from duties and Taxes for imports meant for Exports.
  • Logistics support for fast customs clearance of imports & Exports
  • Monitoring export shipment transit status till delivery is made to Customer
  • Regular communication with Customer on Status, Issues and possible solutions, delivery time etc.
  • Categories

    Assembly & Box Build

    • PCB Assembly / Cable Assembly / Integration / Testing / Hot burn
    • PCB Assembly
    • PCBAs with BGA, SMT, TH, Mixed Technology
    • Press Fit Connector assembly
    • Conforming to IPC-610 Class 2 for normal requirements
    • Conforming to IPC-610 Class 3 for defense & aerospace requirements
    • Prototypes
      • Typical volumes: 1-25
      • Selection of Manual with spot reflow / Full Reflow / Machine Assembly depending upon board complexity and machine load-ability of components
    • Pilot Production
      • Typical volumes: 10-100
      • Important to follow the Process choice for volume Production
  • Cable Assembly
    • Proto volumes done in house
    • Bulk Volumes outsourced
    • Integration
    • Box build using In house Manufactured &/or Customer supplied subassemblies.
    • Warehousing and On demand delivery option.
    • Testing
    • Functional Testing of PCBAs, Subassemblies, Units
    • Environmental stress testing; Humidity and Teperature cycling -40oC to +100oC
    • Outsourced:Testing for ICT / FPT / EMI / Other environmental tests.